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Meet Naomi

Natural Health Specialist

For years, I walked around feeling that my life was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle with a number of the pieces missing, so that nothing really made any sense. I couldn’t understand why I reacted the way I did—anxiety, depression, and other extreme physical and mental reactions that I experienced, even though my life was good at that time.


As a teenager it was my dream to read the news on TV. I believed that was where the truth was reported. It took me a number of years before I understood that what I really wanted to do was to tell my own news, my own truth.


Only when I first began undergoing treatments, in parallel with going through a process of awareness and self-observation, that I was able to find the missing jigsaw pieces of my life and look at my myself and my history in their entirety.


I can help you


Even though insomnia is considered a common sleep disorder, I would look at insomnia as “a symptom of another problem”.


Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. However, when the anxiety begins to interfere with your life, it can take away from your freedom and self-reliance.


Depression changes how you think, feel and function in your daily life.  Often times just making it through the day can be overwhelming

The Path to Healing

We all have certain buttons that rule and run our lives.  The things where we say: “This always happens to me!” Don’t we all have these moments?  These moments where someone, or something pushes your buttons and we get angry or upset. This all happens as a result of trauma. Think of trauma like programming.  Every time we go through trauma our cells, mind and consciousness get reprogrammed, and we automatically step away from our essence


Trauma runs our lives. It dictates how we experience life, and through what lenses we perceive it.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is something very common, even though not much spoken about. Common symptoms of sexual abuse are flashbacks, depression, worthlessness,  feelings of guilt and shame


"I came to Naomi, feeling emotionally and spiritually out of balance. The treatments are amazing.  They demand courage and honesty, but I can say that they really help.

Naomi is a healing soul with a great practical down-to-earth attitude.  It’s a winning combination."