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About Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Trauma runs our lives.  Trauma dictates how we experience life, and through what lenses we perceive it.  What issues/problems we have and why we behave the way we behave. What buttons are being pushed and why?

In my experience trauma has many different faces and and express itself in a variety of different ways.  It can appear as: anxiety, depression, physical abuse, insomnia, bulimia and anorexia, cancer, limiting beliefs, phobias, migraines, back pain, post trauma, death, accidents...etc.. The list is endless.  However, from what I have learned, all of the above issues are usually based on trauma from our childhood. The seeds for most problems have often already been laid in early childhood, and even inside the Uterus.  Trauma after trauma gets accumulated and stored within the mind, cells and the soul, and over time shapes our personality and is the reason for all the above mentioned imbalances and illnesses. 

No matter what a person suffers from, it can usually be improved and often cured, with the help of the right tools and awareness.


Case description from the clinic

D, who has been self employed ever since he came out of college, came to see me for treatment.  He has been going through tremendous hardships in his job, feeling stuck and misunderstood. He had difficulty understanding why his business was not moving forward the way he wanted to, and at times was busy trying to convince himself that things were improving. 

He had suffered a very traumatic upbringing, where his emotional needs were neglected on a day to day basis when growing up.  This had left him with a very low self esteem and the constant need to prove himself, due to his feelings of unworthiness.

D and I worked extendedly on listening to his body, emotions and learning to quiet his mind, while staying focused at all times.  This allowed him to dive deeply into the severe trauma he had experienced as a child. He was able to heal old wounds, reconnect to and love his inner child; and ultimately find forgiveness for his parents and himself.  As a result, this enabled him to regain his self esteem, and find renewed balance in his everyday life.  



I came to Naomi, feeling emotionally and spiritually out of balance. I had met her through the community.  

I have been in treatment for over a year and the treatments are amazing.  They demand courage and honesty, but I can say that they really help.  

Naomi is a healing soul with a great practical down-to-earth attitude.  It’s a winning combination.