"I had come to Naomi for essential and deep healing from childhood trauma and incest.  I had found Naomi through an article I read in the La’isha magazine, in which she talks about regaining one’s strength and power and how she became a therapist and healer.  As I read the article, I understood that I was going to call her.  

I drove to Naomi from the far north for 9 months, once a week.  I would recommend Naomi full heartedly to a variety of people who suffer from different problems and need emotional healing.  

Naomi’s healing skills and abilities help you release and heal emotional trauma on deep levels, while everything happens gently and in a very calm and relaxed environment.  The treatments are in full cooperation between Naomi and the patient.   

And finally I would like to share how I ended each session with a smile on my face and the feeling that a kind of miracle had just occurred. 

Honestly my emotional anxiety and distress had gone down from 10 to 0 in the course of the treatment."


"A good friend had referred me to Naomi.  When I first came to Naomi, I was suffering from anxieties.  I came for the course of three months for treatments.  

I would recommend Naomi to those people, who feel ready to undergo deep process work, and are willing to truly touch the source of their anxieties and trauma and be done with them.


I came with a lot of mistrust and I met an experienced therapist, with a lot of sensitivity and patience.  After only the second session, I was able to open up completely. Even though it was at times tiring and not always easy, the feeling afterwards was one of relief and gratitude!  I warm heartedly recommend her!!!"


"I came to Naomi, feeling emotionally and spiritually out of balance. I had met her through the community.  

I have been in treatment for over a year and the treatments are amazing.  They demand courage and honesty, but I can say that they really help.  

Naomi is a healing soul with a great practical down-to-earth attitude.  It’s a winning combination."