Stressed Woman

What is depression and how it affects your life?

It’s normal to feel down and sad from time to time.  Everyone has phases where he/she sometimes feels sad as a reaction to situations in life.  However, when the sadness turns into feelings of hopelessness and despair and won’t go away, it is depression you are feeling.  Depression changes how you think, feel and function in your daily activities. It can interfere with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep and enjoy life.  Just trying to make it through the day can be overwhelming.  


Common causes for depression

From my experience, there are many different factors that can cause depression, such as:  past trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, low self esteem, loneliness, divorce and many more.  From what I have witnessed, depression and anxiety often times go hand in hand, which means that some people who experience depression also suffer from anxiety and vice versa.  However, what is important to understand, is that the approach is always the same, which is to get to the root of what has caused the depression in the first place. From what I have learned and experienced throughout the years, is that all trauma and events throughout our lifetime are stored in our cells and recorded in our soul.  Once the root cause is being brought to consciousness, treated and healed, the patient naturally starts to recover and take charge of his/her life again.  


Case description from the clinic

M, a single mother, came in feeling completely depressed and with anxieties.  She felt overwhelmed with everyday life and experienced great difficulty even with life’s daily chores.  By the time she came to me, she had barely been in touch with her friends and loved ones in over 5-6 months.  She barely ever left her home, unless she had to. She had come to a state of complete neglect of her personal life.  Furthermore, she felt overwhelmed with motherhood, making food, and taking care of her health. She was experiencing severe shoulder pains for several months and was feeling anxious and severely depressed.  The longer she had isolated herself the worse her condition became, until she was even afraid to leave the house and drive her car.

Very gently I began working with her.  At first teaching her how to breathe, relax and find a safe and quiet place within herself.  This was followed by learning to tune in and listen to what was happening inside her body. This in return allowed her to access the cell memories that were responsible for the depression and anxiety she had been experiencing for the past few months. 

Within the first month she already started to regain her strength, and started taking responsibility and actions regarding her life.  She found renewed energy and resources that had been lost to her for many years. She had more strength to take care of her children and all the things she was dealing with.  Her fear of leaving the house and driving her car had dissolved completely. Furthermore, the shoulder pain she had been suffering from, was completely gone after 3 months, and she had come to closure with the ghosts of her past.  



A good friend had referred me to Naomi.  When I first came to Naomi, I was suffering from anxieties.  I came for the course of three months for treatments.  

I would recommend Naomi to those people, who feel ready to undergo deep process work, and are willing to truly touch the source of their anxieties and trauma and be done with them.


I came with a lot of mistrust and I met an experienced therapist, with a lot of sensitivity and patience.  After only the second session, I was able to open up completely. Even though it was at times tiring and not always easy, the feeling afterwards was one of relief and gratitude!  I warm heartedly recommend her!!!